The “Fear Of Missing Out”. I don’t know who coined this term (it may have been but it sums up, for me, much of the reasoning behind the rise of and obsession with “social media”.

It’s a common enough phenomena in normal “offline” life. Should I stay in on a Saturday night? Or is it worth going to the Joneses party? Or maybe the Krempler’s will be better? Should I attend that conference? Is it worth signing up that networking event? Worth flying to LA for Billy Bob and Mary Beth’s wedding?

(Let alone the “paranoia” that afflicts those who feverishly check the Facebook pages of those who DID do those things we either didn’t do or weren’t invited to, whether they were enjoying it and what they were wearing.)

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The Author of Why: Simon Sinek

This Simon Sinek TED Talk is the inspiration for much of my thinking. I think this is a hugely important, pivotal piece of learning. And can be applied to corporations and indeed to people.

‘Why’ someone does something, Why they are (really) in business, what truly drives them.

We often find ourselves more concerned what the ‘What’. What do you do? What do you make? What can you do for me?

But fail to understand someone’s real motivation, and you won’t get them.

Remember when Superbowl ads were expansive, not just expensive?

It’s funny.

After the Superbowl ad extravaganza, you look at the TV the day after and we’re back to the same old crappy, patronizing, dreadful, fast-forward-able, TIVO-able ads that make one want to vomit: the evil pharmaceutical spots that offer relief to back pain, but at the cost of possible suicidal tendencies and loss of vision.

A couple of things occur to me:

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