Land Rover

In 1986, a Land Rover was seen as a highly desirable vehicle – if you happened to be a farmer.

However, sales were declining sharply. The cumbersome, archaic workhorse was losing out to cheaper, more  fashionable, ‘user-friendly’ competitors, mainly from Japan. With vehicles that sported such niceties as a radio, cloth seats, carpet. Oh, and a heater that worked.

Land Rover asked us to tell the world that they too now offered a radio and cloth seats, carpet and a heater.

We asked them to re-consider. We suggested that they needed to remind the world that the Land Rover was THE off road vehicle – and that the inclusion of the ‘luxuries’ was easy, but incidental, and had nothing to do with why people really want a Land Rover.

We started by writing an ‘end-line’ – “The best 4 x 4 x far” (using the language of those who refer to such cars as “four-by-fours”).

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