I’ve worked in the UK, mainland Europe (Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona), Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Also lived and worked on both coasts of the US. I have been a Creative Director since 1991 (and a “good” Creative Director since about 2000).  I’ve consulted to a number of companies and have been in charge of small to two medium sized (200 – 250 people) corporations as President/ CEO. I’ve met with most success when working, as part of a team, for smart, empowered clients in need of change and real increase in profile. My personality is such that I appear to find bigger problems more amusing to solve than smaller ones.

Industry Sectors experience: A to Z


I have consulted directly to the (then) CEO of Adidas – Robert Louis Dreyfus – on a number of projects for the Adidas brand in the US, conducting studies into the youth market and producing interactive and retail solutions.

I was invited to work directly with Benetton owner Luciano Benetton and photographer Oliviero Toscani on the Benetton advertising campaign in the early 1990’s.


I oversaw the launches of three new Volvo models (C70, S70, V70) across the continent of Australasia. I’ve produced a number of award-winning ads for BMW in the UK.

I was responsible for the campaign that saw Land Rover fight off the challenge of cheap SUVs in the mid 1980s – penning  “the best4x4xfar” line and subsequently helping the brand re-claim its place as the #1 vehicle in “status” and in sales. The campaign lasted over 20 years and was taken up in English speaking countries all over the world.


I have worked on many spirit brands – Bacardi, Captain Morgan’s, J&B – and for a number of importers and distributors.

I was part of a team hired by a large brewer in the north of England to ‘infiltrate’ the pubs and clubs with some of their less well-known brands. We set up deals with record labels and hired new (totally unheard of) bands to do the scores for the beer ads. The ads, however, did not look like ordinary beer ads.  Here’s one:


I have worked for Panasonic on a number of occasions – having spent a short period in Japan attempting to heal a rift between Saatchi and the parent company, Matsushita. I produced work for products across their range of products  – from TV’s to underwater electric shavers.

Financial Services

Between 2002 and 2005 I worked, pretty much exclusively, within the financial sector- for clients such as ABN AMRO, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

In contrast, I’ve also helped create a new concept in personal debt relief – The Freedom Point (now Care One) in 2005: a soup-to-nuts campaign, comprising all-media advertising, branding, logo, staff training/motivation and PR


Initially McCann Erickson would not let me near the folks at Unilever, for fear of losing their rather large account, but I managed to forge a relationship with the ogre who ran it. Many new pan-European accounts were won and some good work was produced for many frozen food and dairy brands.

I also have an undue amount of experience in bread, for some reason. Having worked on three major UK brands. (All now part of Rank Hovis.)

In NZ, I ran the NZ Dairies account, responsible for all brands, including Anchor ‘Mulk’.

I consulted to McDonalds in New Zealand and oversaw the introduction of the first officially approved “indigenous” McDonald’s product, the Kiwi Burger!

Leisure/ travel

I have worked for a number of National Tourist Authorities including Mauritius (who’s ads were particularly well awarded and successful). From the UK, I ran the tri-state (MD, VA, D.C.) Tourism Authority.  I have worked for Tourism New Zealand and British Tourist Authority (South Coast region), the “English Riviera” (which is only funny if you happen to be a duck).

I worked for British Airways for two years and played a part in helping transform the profile of the airline from being seen as “aloof “ to being genuinely warm and friendly. (Well, as ‘genuinely warm and friendly’ as the British get

In New Zealand, I worked directly with the CEO of the Air New Zealand National carrier – meeting him twice weekly to discuss sales figures and either being fined (heavily) or given more budget depending on sales figures!

I also worked with US Airlines during their time in Chapter 11. A very high-stressed, but robust, working relationship after which the CEO of the airline personally came into the agency and said he did not feel the airline would have survived without our ad agency.


I worked directly to the Governor of the State of Maryland and the Commissioner of the Maryland Lottery, for two years. I also ran the New Zealand “lotto”, overseeing some of the most inventive lottery work anywhere in the world.

Public service

I have worked on a number of public service projects. Their merit – as ads – I discount, as the subject matter is inherently more important and compelling – and thus cannot be compared, in my view, with regular advertising. I work mainly for causes relating to the prevention of cruelty in foreign countries. I also work with a number of Jewish/ pro-Israel institutions.


I have worked for the UK Government’s Central Office of Information – recruiting both Army and Police personnel.  I have also consulted to the Baltimore Police Department.
In addition, I have created several campaigns for firms in the commercial side of the recruitment sector.


I have worked for Microsoft, overseeing the trade launch of Windows 95, also launching Encarta. Additionally, I have created for 3Com and Autodesk.


I have worked for NZ Telecom – on both the retail and crisis management sides. I have also launched ooVoo, a free, consumer video conferencing software application, similar to Skype but of much higher picture and audio quality.


I have done a lot of either funny or beautiful work for evil tobacco companies, back when the creation and production of such things was legal and still considered (almost) ethical.  The ads are still glorious – and available to anyone who’s interested. In an attempt to curb my evil ways, I have also worked with a number of tobacco companies to try to discourage the uptake of smoking among teenagers in Eastern Europe.


I have worked for a number of TV networks, most notably TV New Zealand, advising on all of their channels (more detail here). I also helped launch MTV, shooting a TV spot every day for many months.


I have no experiences of Xylophones at all.


I have zero experience working for zoos.

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