What will it say on your Gravestone?

Have you ever stopped to consider why you’re on the earth?

What your function is? What you’re ‘meant’ to achieve.

What thing inside you, what burning ambition, what gift to the rest of us, what piece of learning, what advancement in a particular field you have to impart?

Whether you destined to be an utter failure (like a moronic Microsoft employee who after 20 years STILL hasn’t mastered any successful form of smell check) or a Zuckerberg, I find it hard to believe that we don’t all, somewhere in us, have an innate sense of what we can achieve.

Now, for sure, it may have been squashed, by parents or teachers or bosses, but if it doesn’t still live in you, at some point in time but most surely did. Whether plausible in conception or not, we humans dream.

And having a dream and being able to keep it alive and making it real, I believe, is the difference between success and failure – and, if you will, between emptiness and fulfilment.

And – leaping again – so it is for a brand.

What are the Brand’s realistic dreams and possible aspirations? What’s it’s trajectory?

Could Coke be not just a spreader of happiness but, maybe, a spreader of peace, of accord? Could Israelis and Palestinians bond over a Coke?

Could BMW take over the metro north rail network? (Wicked Smiley emoticon goes here.)

Could companies with stated missions do something truly spectacular to truly cement their positioning?

Red Bull sponsor recruits for the Air Force? Poland Spring bring clean water solutions to impoverished parts of Africa? MasterCard establish credit counseling for those in debt?

All great ideas start out crazy.

But if they’re going to fly they must be an absurd imagination of a real strategy and path.

Only when you know what you are, do you know where to go, how to behave.

The foundations of any structure are rarely sexy. But without them, the most amazing structures on the planet wouldn’t stand.

Same with ideas.

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