The Gun Debate: Legislation vs Education

The wonderful thing about technology, like water, is that it will always find a way around obstacles.

A few weeks ago, we saw the world’s first gun, made almost entirely from pieces manufactured with a 3D printer, successfully fire a bullet. In technological terms, amazing.

But to the fearful left wing, yet more reason to hide under the bedclothes or whine incessantly. Or, worse, for the Whine House itself to introduce costly and totally ineffective legislation.

Do I believe gun owners and their guns should be registered? Absolutely.

Just like cars.

Do I believe automatic and semi-automatic weapons should be banned for all but military or non-retarded Police forces? Absolutely. From a sportsman’s point of view, nailing something with a semi-automatic weapon has all of the challenge of spotting a Prius in a disabled parking bay.

I do believe that the gun is not dissimilar to the car.

A car can weigh 2 tons and travel at over100 mph. It can be driven by a 16 year- old with almost no experience. It is as safe or as dangerous as the person operating it.

Consider the number of kitchen knives Williams Sonoma sell.

For sure, it is far easier to kill with a gun than a knife. There’s more detachment and you can do far more damage, far more quickly.

But legislation is there to control the law-abiding. If you have a brain and you have money and the desire, you’ll be able to buy a gun anywhere you please.

The left wing should concern themselves with education over legislation.

And in a smooth-as-Biden segue to Marketing, the same rules apply.

Don’t dictate. Educate.

Inspire. Picture paint.

Inform. Infuse. Enthuse.

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